If the foods you ate could turn off the expression of your cancer genes (and turn on “tumor suppressor” genes), what would you have for dinner? Indeed, with every meal—3 times a day, day after day—you are talking to your genes. Let us teach you how to steer the conversation toward wellness! Emerging research shows food is powerful medicine and we now understand—at the molecular and genetic level—how specific foods can help you in your healing journey. Are you bogged down by conflicting information, unsure how to navigate the controversies? This program draws upon 15 years clinical experience—and Dr. Wallace's database of over 7,500 studies on nutrition and cancer . Discover the pro's and con's of different diets (e.g., vegan, vegetarian, raw, macrobiotic, low-carb, Paleo). Side-step diet dogmas and learn how your diet can help you create an anti-cancer environment inside your body.

This program includes:

Report Of Translational Research (about 60 pages)—Summarizing the most compelling research on cancer, diet and specific foods, this report draws powerful, actionable conclusions which we will help you put into practice.

Reference List—Your report cites representative research, across several types of cancers, that has been published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, so you can feel confident about your diet choices.

Quick Reference Guides (30 pages)—Practical instructions on how to Harness the Power of Your Diet right now...so you can take action in the grocery store, in the garden, in the kitchen, and ultimately in your body!

A Diet Review Session (90 minute consultation by phone or Skype)—to help you evaluate your needs, define your goals, tailor your diet to your unique needs, and answer any questions.

Price: $375 

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NOTE: If you have one of the cancers listed below, you'll want to purchase our Oncometabolic Advantage Program which includes the Harnessing the Power of Your Diet program PLUS an extensive review of the published research on nutritional supplements for your specific type of cancer.

Brain Tumors
Breast Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Endometrial, Cervical, Vulvar and other gynecologic cancers
Pancreatic Cancer
Head-and-Neck Cancers
Malignant Melanoma

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