Handout:   Meal Planning to Maximize your Phytonutrients 
Handout:   How to Enjoy 8+ Servings of Fruits & Veggies a Day 
Presentation: Cancer, Ecology, Permaculture and Healing, Hawthorn University, Nov 15, 2016




Handbook of Dietary Supplements Our exclusive collection of supplements carefully selected on the basis of published evidence and verified quality. Your source for information on potential side effects, interactions and contraindications. We have carefully researched available products and compared costs to offer you the best quality and highest potency products for your dollar. We feel these higher potency, superior quality products are much more cost effective than over-the-counter products.

Diet-Self Evaluation Worksheet so you can assess the anti-cancer power of your diet and monitor your improvement over time.


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Anemia (Low RBC, Low Hemoglobin) Anxiety
Appetite Boosting Strategies Chemo Brain
Breathlessness (Shortness of Breath) Constipation
Diarrhea Fatigue
Hand-Foot Syndrome Hot Flashes & Menopausal Support
Kidney Nourishing Support Libido Support
Liver Nourishing Support Low Platlet Counts (Thrombocytopenia)
Low Red Blood Cell (RBC) Counts Low White Blood Cell (WBC) Counts
Lymphedema Mouth Pain; Dry or Burning Mouth
Muscle Weakness (Myopathy) Nausea & Vomiting
Neuropathy Pain Support
Radiation Burns to the Skin Reintroducing Solid Foods
Short Bowel Syndrome (Dumping Syndrome) Sleep Support
Taste Changes, Loss of Taste Unwanted Weight Gain- Tips for Losing Weight
Unwanted Weight Loss (cachexia) Wound Healing (Delayed) & Bed Sores